Dal Gillar and Sandip Gillar are the married couple behind Ride My Tuk Tuk.



Our Story

Launched in July 2017 by founders husband Dal Gillar and wife Sandip Gillar.

Why Ride My Tuk Tuk? Dal and Sandip wanted a personal venture to sink their teeth into. They came across this unique idea and thought why not? With their combined skills and experience this seemed perfect for them.

About Dal: He loves to get his hands dirty, spends most of his time in the garage perfecting the Tuk Tuks getting them ready for the upcoming events. He is the Ride My Tuk Tuk handy man.

About Sandip: Enjoys sitting on a cosy sofa covering all the administration jobs. From the marketing to client bookings, she is the Ride My Tuk Tuk Office girl.